hateWhat does this statement mean to you? Do you take it as political, racial, religious, ethnic, or about bullying?

Recently, I posted a photo on Facebook with this in the caption along with another statement. I didn’t make any comments, I only shared the photo. The response I received was that of two “Facebook Friends” unfriending me. They stated, “You are so far out in left field that I can’t have anyone you having access to my Facebook page! Please take down your Facebook page and go away!!!” Another person stated the following, “This right here is wrong on many levels and for this no matter the good you do for the homeless and the vets, I can no longer be your friend. These people have cut benefits to vets and senior. I am NOT part of the problem but part of their solution! The horrible part have made it to where my certain family member can’t even make their bills. They have also made it to where they get fined for NOT having some stupid insurance! Why not take the freeloaders for taking advantage of government assistance?”

I was not making a political statement, I was posting it because it was about “HATE”.

Hate is Hate and a strong word!

Do you “hate” someone because of the color of their skin, religion, ethnic background, political views, how they speak, that they have an accent, their economic status or lack of it, piercings, tattoos, addiction, mental illness, physical disability, disease, sexual orientation, or some other reason? Do you really “Hate” that person, what they stand for, or who they represent?

People, most importantly children, are influence by the comments and attitudes of others around them, in person, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media site.

Have you ever stopped to think why children and adults bully others? Have you ever participated or chose to sit back and allowed others to do it?

Our Nation, which is the most diverse nation in the world, must be stronger than our hate.

We must be better humans.