homeless_vetIt is my hope that we will inspire others to make a change in their community. Sure I’d like people to give to CMP, but it’s more important that those living in poverty be helped, be housed, and be shown compassion. It breaks my heart when I hear about a soldier committing suicide. It breaks my heart when I see a young person on the streets. It breaks my heart when I see a veteran struggle to find food and shelter. The list goes on.You might be asking yourself “There are so many shelters and nonprofits that strive for the same things as your non-profit. How is CMP any different?”


I know this because I use to think the same thing. So here it is, in a nutshell, how we are different:

  • We are not interested in band aids, we want results that will last a lifetime.
  • We use the Housing First Model; getting people off the streets first, and then getting them the services they need to improve their situation.
    Our twist, we will allow those who are struggling with addiction and those who have companion pets.
  • Plus, we are working with animal rescue groups to place foster animals with some of our residents.

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info@carrymeproductions.org for comments, questions, and volunteer opportunities.

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Carrie Nowocin

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