jessicaJessica is 29, homeless, and a student at Arizona State University (ASU).

Currently, she is staying at an all woman’s shelter in Phoenix, AZ. She recently received word that since she is young and capable of having a job, she can no longer stay at the shelter. This shelter is categorized as an “Overflow Shelter”. There are over 225 single women living there, and the shelter does not have any resources to assist her in finding work.

Many people ask “How can you be homeless at 29?” Well, if you really must know…her family’s house burnt down, and then she lost her job when the local Blockbuster closed. She could not find any other work, so she ended up living in the shelter rather than living on the streets. Feeling somewhat safe comes with a price, no privacy.

She has been working hard to change her circumstances, but it has not been easy.

Every day at the shelter she shares a warehouse style room with over 225 single women. Sleeping cots are lined up next to each other. They share a small restroom that has only two toilets and bath stalls. A basic breakfast is provided in the morning and a buffet style dinner is provided in the evening. There is a single phone, and no computer.

Jessica says that many of the women complain about the lack of cleanliness amongst the other women. Most of these women lack hygiene items, such as, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, body lotion, razors, and shaving cream. Some of these women have been chronically homeless and some have mental health issues; therefore, they have never been shown how to care for themselves nor does anyone clean for them. The shower floors are also a large concern, so many women wear flip flops that is if they can afford them.

As Jessica seeks to finish college, her debt grows. She has no job, no housing, and no option for health care.

Jessica has been homeless for almost a year now and it has been almost a year since she last saw her family.

Jessica is looking for a part-time job to help her with school funds. If you or anyone you know would like to find out about Jessica’s skills, please write to us at and put Jessica in the subject line. We would also like to get her a computer and help her with her resume. If you have any skills that might assist Jessica in finding work or paying for college, we’d love to hear from you. We are about empowering people, not enabling them. Blessings!