Branches: USMC and Army Reserve)

Location: Long Beach/Santa Ana, CA

Update: CMP bought Victor a car January 26 2019. We wanted to make sure he could make his medical appointments on time. We were $1500 short of our initial goal, but CMP rather have credit to pay than leave a Veteran stranded. He can also sleep in his car while he waits for housing

He told us he is also waiting for his disability to be increased. Currently he’s at 10% and on SSDI, but he can barely walk due to injures sustained during his years in the military. He said the voucher he would get would be for Long Beach, but he’s open to living close to any VA hospital. He just needs to be close to the VA resources. He’s also interested in getting into some sort of physical rehab program.

January 7, Victor texted us in a panic stating that he would be on the streets in 2 days if someone didn’t help him. Carrie, the CEO of CMP, met him at the hotel and paid for one week, which was $435. We met Victor at USVets when he was just off the streets. He was at USVets until he was kicked out due to his bus being late and missing the curfew. He then went to the VA, which then gave him a notice to stay at Salvation Army. He was at salvation army for 21 days. They told him to come back in 45 days, but he has no where to go. He’s spent over $2,500 on hotels and getting around town. He has exhausted all of his savings to stay off the streets.

Victor in hotel room

He has filled out all of the papers for HUD-VASH and is now waiting for his voucher.

Proof of hotel receipt