Branch: USMC Location: Orange, CA Shane got connected with CMP through a homeless activist. In 2015 Shane started becoming more and more ill, therefore not being able to work. His wife, lost her job as well due to taking time to help Shane. They have 4 children, 1 who is autistic. The children are all being supervised by family members while Shane and his wife get back to normalcy. Shane is currently in the process of getting connected with the VA and getting housing and his medical needs taken care of. Shane receives SSDI, but the amount he receives only feeds his family. He is diagnosed with congestive heart failure , stage-2 colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and has has several strokes and heart attacks. He is only 38 yrs old. Here are some videos and stories that relate to Shane and his story. We will add more information as time goes on and we carry Shane out of this slump.
Videos Credit: Lou Noble News story, Homeless Riverbed Removal CMP provided the following assistance to Shane and his family, FOR FREE:
  • Paperwork for the VA, and directing Shane to the people who will MAKE things happen
  • Hotel stay (for up to 3 weeks)
Hotel receipt