Years Served and Branch: 2 Yrs US Navy, Honorably Discharged
Location: Long Beach, CA

UPDATE 9/10/19: Bobbie is in contact with her social workers and is working on getting SSVF funding. CMP is no longer taking funds for Bobbie but we are in contact with her and will provide updates as informed.

UPDATE 2/4/19: She has provided her DD214, Social Security card, and birth certificate to the social worker. CMP ordered her clothing, paid for a new phone, and will be paying for a month of Metro (bus transit in LA), total $150.

UPDATE 2/1/19: Bobbie has been placed in transitional housing by the VA. She qualifies for SSVF and is on her way to success.

UPDATE 1/31/19: Found her at the 99 cent story Thursday night. Bought her dinner and met her friend, who is also a homeless veteran. Taking both to the West LA VA on Friday (2/1).

UPDATE 1/30/19: We have not had contact with Bobbie for a few days. A friend informed us that her phone is lost. We hope to take Bobbie to the VA this week, when we find her.

UPDATE 1/20/19: We put Bobbie in a hotel room for a few nights. She has joined our Success Forward program. I will do everything I can to help her reach HER success point. Read below to understand what success is to her.

UPDATE 1/18/19: Took Bobbie to the Military Veterans Affairs office at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. She filed a claim for disability and is waiting on status. She was told to call Volunteers of American, which she did, but calls were not returned.

Why she needs help:
Bobbie Lynn reached out to Carrie 1/16/2019.

Bobbie’s Story

Bobbie entered into homelessness in 2012. Her husband passed away in 2010 and after the death of her husband she had a difficult time managing funds and eventually lost her job and home. She has two children (7 and 14 yr old) whom she would like to have with her. Currently the children are with a family member until Bobbie has her own place. She is not service connected, but CMP is helping her get connected with the right people to push her claim forward.

Since 2012, Bobbie has been shuffled from one nonprofit to the next and has not received any long lasting support. What people don’t understand is that after 90 days from the day a government funded nonprofit contacts you and there is no contact, the case is closed. There is no follow up, no assistance, nothing. A lot can happen in 90 days when someone is living on the streets. Things get stolen, lost, or worse — taken by the authorities, which has happen to Bobbie many times.

She is now in the process of getting her State ID, social security card, and VA card. In the meantime, she has been on the streets. CMP can secure up to $1,000 in a hotel, but then our funding runs out.

CMP provides the following assistance to Bobbie, FOR FREE:

  • Paperwork for the VA, and directing Bobbie to the people who will MAKE things happen – DONE
  • Hotel stay – DONE

CMP is asking that the community help with the following needs:

  • Clothing for entire family (estimate $100 from thrift store) – Will not provide, no funding.
  • Food (estimate $200), CMP spent about $50 so far on food while she was in a hotel room. – Will not provide, no funding.
  • Transportation (CMP can secure a car for no more than $3,500 and we’d like to pay for first month insurance, usually $40-50/m) – Will not provide, no funding.
  • Furniture ($1,000) – no longer required since she qualifies for SSVF – Will not provide, no funding.
  • First month apartment rental payment (they want to live within 10 miles of Long Beach, CA so around $2500) – no longer required since she qualifies for SSVF