Branches: US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Army Reserve

Update: Car was delivered to Arthur at the end of December.

Around Dec 10, 2018 we received a message on Facebook about a father of 2 young boys (7  and 5 yrs old) who was in need of a new vehicle. After speaking with him, Arthur, we sent him an application for the Success Forward program. We can approve up to 10 applications a year, and since we have funds left over for this year, CMP decided to take on the request to close out 2018.

This is our ask: For the community to support Arthur by donating enough for CMP to purchase a reliable vehicle for him. With additional funds, we would like to get him gas cards and grocery cards. Our CEO will personally deliver the vehicle a few days after Christmas. Our current budget for a vehicle is $3,000, but if we can raise more, we can do more. The donations will go to the CMP bank account, and then CMP will provide everything Arthur and his boys need. Arthur does not have a bank account and has tried to raise funds on his own online but there is no way for him to get the funds due to not having a bank account.