Why should we become a Corporate Sponsor?

Because you care about veterans, former foster youth, and elderly individuals who are falling through the cracks. CMP serves the most vulnerable; those without a support system, without family to turn to for help. CMP becomes their family, their community that loves them. At CMP, LOVE = Let Our Voices Empower.

With your sponsorship, we can empower veterans, former foster youth, and elderly individuals to be cared for, to feel appreciated.

Your sponsorship helps CMP to do the following:

  • (Create Shared Housing) Build the pay-what-you-can housing model.
  • Help at least 10 individuals to become financially independent by keeping them out of poverty/homelessness (household items, moving expenses, medical bills, etc).
  • Create 20+ videos about budgeting, job/career growth, and living independently. The videos will be 1 – 13 min in length and posted on the CMP YouTube channel and on the CMP website. Target audience is young adults, people living on fixed incomes, and those struggling with finances.

Raise awareness about veteran, former foster youth, and elderly homelessness by creating short-narrative live-action videos, working with local talent to produce each story.

Most of the videos will be written, produced, and edited by CMP volunteers and board members.

Sponsorship Opportunities Explained

Don’t See the Perfect Sponsorship Package?

Give us a call—we’ll customize something just for your company.

Recognition $5,000 – $7,999


$2,500 – $4,999


$1,000 – $2,499


$250 – $999


Your company logo displays on the CMP donor bar.
Your company logo displays on the back of one of CMP’s t-shirts.
Your company logo displays on the rim of one of CMP’s hats.
Your company logo displays on CMP merchandise.*
Your company will be mentioned on all social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).
Your company logo displays on CMP’s educational YouTube videos (3 max).
Your company will have a 5 second logo displayed at the beginning of or during each educational video. Option for short commercials to be inserted at a later time.

* First 3 sponsors in this package.

More details about becoming a sponsor in our Sponsorship Package.