grateful_heart I am blessed to be alive today, as thousands die every day. Having access to clean water, food to eat in the morning, and a roof over your head I am grateful as many in our nation and around the world lack one or more of these. Did you notice that I did not state alive and healthy? I didn’t not state that because my health is lacking. I do not dwell on that, although it affects my everyday life.

Teaching children to develop a Giving Heart can start by being an example. A friend of mine had her children give away a toy for everyone received. They had so much and have no room for more, this taught them to share making choices about what they wanted to share with others who had less than them.

Being blessed to have never been homeless, having no food to eat or water to drink, I can not relate to the reality of those who lack theses things. Even though that is true, I am grateful that there are individuals who are willing to help those have less than them. You can show that you care about these individuals by checking out the Win-Win opportunity offered by our nonprofit organization.

Are you grateful or are you a complainer? The words you select to use when speaking, writing, and other forms of communication can define you. When searching “Grateful Heart” I found the following page:

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

This site may inspire you to project more positive messages, even though you believe your life could be better.

When you walk down a sidewalk and see a panhandler, do you think about how grateful that it isn’t you, turn your back on that person or offer to help in some way? When a person is standing outside a shop while going into buy a cup of coffee, looking downtrodden, do you offer to buy them one too? Does that mean when individuals are standing on the curb with a sign seeking donations that I will give them money? If I know that a person is ill and cannot get out to buy food or even stand to prepare it, so I help? I like you make choices about each situation. Your choice is up to you! Sometimes I am just grateful for not being in their situation.

hugFrom Jenn Wilkerson

“I grew up in an abusive household and was lucky if I had a roof over my head or food in my stomach. Sometimes we would go a week without a real meal. I saw things in my life that no child should ever witness. Now as an adult I have a good income, a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I don’t have to worry about a drunk man hitting me. I’m thankful every day of my life. I never complain about petty things. If I go through a rough patch I think about all the bumps I’ve hit in my life and how they were temporary. Every storm passes and little problems are a grain of sand.”


If you are interested in helping veterans, providing housing for veterans with companion pets, please participate in our Win-Win opportunity.

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