Have you thought about Giving Up?

I used to care more about others: their lack of a smile, the lack of family support, and the lack of knowing how to be independent and getting an education.  As I am in my late 60’s, I realize that over the last ten years I have become more selfish.

Maybe be it’s because I had what I needed, not knowing or appreciating the value of money that I gave away my inheritance and bought items that I did not and do not need.  While doing so, I have grown to want more of what I never had: expensive jewelry, a collection of art work, vacations, designer clothing and accessories.  I don’t need any of these “things”.

Today, I sit here going back and forth in my mind as to why I bought the sparkly bracelet that I will only wear on vacations as it does not fit into my everyday life.  Also, that I could use the money to help others instead of thinking of myself.  It’s like reflecting on the movie where the “ring” became the “precious” thing and could change the world.   Am I willing to give up the “precious” things that are really not precious?  I know what I should do, and will do it, but it is still a struggle in my mind.


What are you struggling with and willing to give up so that you and another person can have peace of mind?  What would you be willing to give up so that another person can live with food, clothing and shelter?  Would you give your time to help?  Would you donate clothes, bedding, and other supplies to a shelter instead of putting them in a drop box to be sold?  Would you give money to a cause without expecting a gift like a blanket in return?  Instead of buying an espresso ($5), how about buying a coffee ($2) and then donating the other half to a cause. Even buying coffee or a bottle of water for the person standing on the corner seeking a hand out would be selfless.  How about helping those who are homeless by providing a hand up instead of a hand out?

How many pairs of shoes or boots, purses, tote bags, blankets, towels, beauty products, jewelry, ties, etc. do you have in your home that you are not using?  Little things like stuffed animals, dolls, art and craft supplies, can make a difference in another person’s life.

Each individual can give up something so that a homeless individual doesn’t give up!

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  1. I was one of the first soldiers to enter Saudi Arabia in Desert Storm I was with the 155 transportation out of New Port VA I was over seas for one year plus I am not homeless but I might as well be I have continuously been denied my disability even after being in the VA mental ward over 16 weeks Maybe because I am a black female My hopes are to have someone hear me and my cry I am hoping to reach the habitat home builders so I will never be forced to relocate again thats why I am contacting the got your 6 project Thank you

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