Carry Me Productions sometimes gets trolls on Facebook who like to send private messages to us, so I thought I’d share one of them and dissect it with my thoughts.

I’m interested to read what others think. Please comment below the post.

BTW, this is in response to my blog “So You Want to Form a Coalition”.


So here we go:

Hello hope all is well. We met, I wrote your name tag at the XYZ meeting. I was forwarded your blog.
OK, seems polite enough. I’m glad people are forwarded our blogs.

I respect everyone’s opinion and never try to sway people either way.
OK, seems like a neutral start.

I’m just curious as to why when the big players in the field are trying to start the process of change you have the desire to rip into it.
Interesting, who are the “big players” this person is referring to? I never named any names in my blog.

I’m well aware of your dislike for the founder of XYZ but again I think with you trying to make a difference to help solve homelessness why you wouldn’t try to be a part of the solution by supporting the org’s who want to try.
Hum, where in my blog did I mention anything about my dislike for someone. Very interesting how this person seems to think they know me. Obviously they do not. I have no problem with an individual, I have a problem with how things are not being implemented properly. A message such as this is not going to get us to join a group that has no direction. OK, next one.

Of course they don’t have the answers, that’s why ABC was formed, to together try and figure it out.
This is exactly my point and you’re totally validating it. Please stop wasting your time trying to shame me. Yes, we have multiple solutions that we do not want to share due to alignment concerns the board and I have. Again, a message such as this is NOT going to get us to join the group.

What a shame that a fellow advocate has to bash what others are trying to accomplish.
Again with the shame. Bash, I did not do…present valid questions, yes. It’s not my fault the questions could not be answered. I was just informing our followers what is happening in this sector. People want to know what we are attending and what we hear, so I bring it to them. Do something effective, and I’ll write about effectiveness. It’s that simple. Prove me wrong, I love to be proven wrong. Test me, I can take it.

Wish you nothing but the best in your work and what you do for others.
Again, how kind of you. Nice passive-aggressive message.

Oh, but wait for it…

I imagine it’s a struggle having such a small following.
Just because someone doesn’t shine the light on themselves in every post doesn’t mean they don’t have a “following”. Who cares if you have 1000s of followers, that doesn’t mean people really “follow” or support you. They’re just watching you. Yeah, we’re not media whores. Thanks, we’d like to keep it that way.

Good luck!
Thanks, but we don’t need luck for we have passion, dedication, and tenacity to get things done the right way.

In closing here are some facts about your leaders:

  • Followers were asked to donate to help the leader fix their debt. Sorry, that’s unethical. Not going to support it. I always wonder, who vets these groups when they want to join an alliance/coalition? I’m sure the IRS will be busy this next April.
  • Be careful who you have as your “volunteers”. When someone sees a nice pair of boots or a coat from a high-end donor, don’t say “Oh, let’s sell this on Ebay.” Again, unethical. Background checks people…credibility is key. Does the nonprofit even have an Ebay store. Hum, this might be something to look in to.
  • They yell, “We’re going to fix this”, but I have yet to hear any solutions. I only see party pictures. Nicely done. Everyone looks so happy.  SMH
  • I see all these pictures of being with “important” people. Well, we don’t need to take pictures of people we know to prove we can get stuff done. Our mission is to help those who are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. We don’t care about winning a popularity contest.
  • Big pockets don’t equal big hearts.

What Carry Me Productions is accomplishing with OTHERS!

For us it’s about bringing people to the table who also have plans and passion to help those who are struggling. We are bringing star players together to bring innovation to life. Credit is given to those who accomplish tasks.

We have four people on our board and are getting more done than the 100s of people volunteering for these “causes”. We have no staff. We don’t have the luxury to pull out a credit card that our “followers” paid for to go buy ice.

Some of you say you have no money when it’s all lies. Do the math…things don’t add up. You’re becoming greedy like the “big ones”, but at least they’re housing people. I don’t know what else to say except, move on from us, and make something happen already. People are tired of waiting for a solution.

I feed off my skeptics. So if you want to continue this discussion you better bring something strong. I for one don’t have time for child’s play. Too many people to help. My passion to help others is stronger than anything you can imagine. I will not be broken and I will not shut up. Bullies don’t scare me. Just ask any one who really knows me.

Get over yourself and help people. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog posts.

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