So as some of you may know, or not know, Carry Me Productions has been attending these so-called Coalition meetings in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We were not impressed, and to be honest, we left with more questions than we came in with.

Each time we walk away from these meetings, the same questions go unanswered or the answers are very vague:

Q: So what’s the actual plan?

A: That’s why you’re here. We need your help to develop a plan that works for everyone.

The catch: Ok, so you’re telling us that 20 nonprofits are going to make up a plan. You’ve got to be kidding me. Most people in the room have no clue how to plan anything nor do they have any long-term solutions. The larger you make the alliance/coalition, the more likely it is to fail because everyone’s fighting for money. Not gonna work. Sorry. I’m a cynic on that one.

Q: Who’s implementing this plan?

A: Oh, we have teams with leaders to coordinate efforts?

That catch: Really, and these are the SAME people who’ve come up with the so-called plan. Great. So it’s not going anywhere.

Q: Who decided on which teams to develop and who the leaders are?

A: We as “leaders” of the coalition/alliance have made the decision as to who will lead based on expertise.

The catch: Um, the majority of these leaders have no background in what you’re asking them to do. I was even identified as an expert, which I corrected them that I AM NOT. I would never jeopardize a program just because I want to be a leader. I only lead when I know I can fit the job description. These people are obviously out for the hype (gain money not awareness to the crisis) and popularity.

Q: Will you be applying for federal grants or creating a strategic co-funding campaign?

A: Yes, we’ll need government money. What’s a co-funding campaign?

The catch: If they’re leaders of nonprofits, shouldn’t they KNOW what a co-funding model/plan/strategy (or whatever they plan to call it) is? Why are they putting people in charge that have no idea what they’re doing. There are many foundations willing to help if asked. Why use government money when the government has so many restrictions on how to use that money. Plus, the money will most likely go to the largest nonprofit. Hasn’t anyone looked into this?

female_vetAnother thing that got us was this: Why would a leader, when asked to speak about their plan for action speak about themselves? I don’t need to hear your story about how you were homeless and we should work with you to get money to support the cause. I want to know how you’re going to help others. We want to know what changes will take place under your leadership.

When people come to meetings to discuss solutions, please keep on topic and not waste our time. A true leader knows this and a true leader knows when they are not capable of leading others to success. A leader empowers their team with knowledge and resources. Credentials are key.

I know, you’re probably think, why so negative Carrie? Well I’ve decided that I’m going to be a person who tells others things these people don’t want us to say, but that you need to hear and read. There is so much misguided information out there. The problem is, the general public BELIEVE that these nonprofits and media are going to tell us what we need to know, but they just tell us what we wish to hear.

If they told you that 13,000 people go homeless every month, that unemployment is still high, foreclosures are still high, etc, would you want to listen? Why would you care anyways? Doesn’t it make you feel better to read stories about your tax-payer money making a difference? Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but that’s their plan. Get people to think they’re making a difference by not doing anything. Out of sight, out of mind right?

If you want to know what’s happening within these nonprofit meetings and “outreach”, read my blogs. If you question something you see or hear in the media or from these “service providing” nonprofits, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE perform the due diligence about the information presented. I’ve made a few enemies in this sector, but I’m not here for a popularity contest. I’m here to make sure people are taken care of. To make sure you all know how you can really help another person. As much as I can I will keep it real with our donors, followers, and readers.

I will continue to stand up to the bullies, and help those who are hurting. My friends are those experiencing homelessness and those who support our efforts to help others in need. If you are a nonprofit that is greedy and a media whore, please do not even TRY to contact me. My skin is thicker than it looks. Get on my sweet side, I’ll be your best friend for life. But break my trust, and I will have no desire to look at you or acknowledging your existence. I’ve seen too much hatred in my lifetime to allow any sort of negativity (other than my own) into my life.

On a side note: My son and I were talking the other day about my profession. Knowing how hard I’ve worked to get where I am today he asked me, “How do you get to be in charge if you don’t suck up to the people who need ego stroking?” My response, “You have to be true to yourself. You must know your worth and stand by your morals. It’s not always about the money. For me, it’s about integrity, loyalty, and hard work. If the company doesn’t appreciate any of those things, and the skills that I bring forth, I don’t want to do business with them.” This goes with nonprofits as well, even as a volunteer, which all of us are. Not one of us gets a dime. If anything, we’ve gone into debt to help sustain this organization.

We want hard working, thick-skinned folks to join us in the mission of changing our society. We’re not seeking to change the world, but we are seeking to change the hearts and minds of those who live on it. Together, we can do more. #domorecaremore

2 thoughts to “So You Want to Form A Coalition

  • DC. Matthews

    Oh yeah, the failure to assist in the future is aided by those who have failed to assist many, being the ones who are developing new plans and fail to assist. How is it possible there are STILL no per-Diem beds for homeless disabled female vets in Orange County, CA? How does an agency (that shall remain nameless) have the key/access to the technical assistance for the disabled yet they don’t know how to help appropriately or even within the ADA and FHEO regulations and don’t want to learn?

    How is another agency supposed to be disability oriented, try to push a homeless vet into an inappropriate, inaccessible program, AND AFTER WAITING MONTHS to make initial contact and more to even lift a finger? They are looking for the numbers for those they can move to their core program, and not focusing on appropriately helping disabled female vets. Another “disability” org not focused on safety or disability needs of disabled vets or what their bad suggestions can do to create short or long term loss of needed supports.

    The system is broken and everyone can agree when its a general claim, but no one is looking at repairing the clogs that create the breaks; once it’s about an individual not getting help, it is ALWAYS the clients fault, even when it is not. I am a disabled female veteran who is experiencing homelessness. I have been homeless for 2 years. None of these so-called nonprofits can help me, or maybe it’s just that they choose not to. IDK, I feel hopeless sometimes.

  • Magdalovelene

    if a thing is true, and I would talk about it if you were here with me, then it’s ok to post about it….It is a scary reality…people who have worked hard all their lives are losing everything…unbelievably, it can happen in a flash…I looked at so many photos and youtube videos on homelessness yesterday I spent a lot of it crying…there were many more gritty things I could have put up….I don’t know how to change the direction of things… reaching out in anyway we can to help in our own communities…letting the awareness in that all is not so good in this land of plenty…and maybe at some point we will become outraged enough to turn our attention to Washington and say enough…and mean it…..and maybe it won’t be too late.Happy Thanksgiving to you too beautiful spirit..hug, hug

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