-Women who stay in “The Shelter” have shared information about what they need to change in their lives and what they appreciate.  Churches, women’s, and community groups are needed to help change the lives of the women who live in shelters or on the streets.  One or two individuals cannot do this alone!





In order to change their lives and move out of “The Shelter” the following are needed:

  • Job training for more than the minimum wage
  • Have a job that pays for affordable housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Information about mental health and domestic violence – how and where to get help
  • Get healthy – medical care
  • Resources accessible
  • Support groups
  • Access to a computer, bus passes
  • Tutors for classes
  • Getting past bankruptcy

What these women want the general public to know about living in “The Shelter”:

  • We are grateful to have a place to sleep and eat
  • Physical improvements in shelters to provide for those who are disabled: using a cane, walker, or wheelchair
  • There are a lot of homeless women, mainly in their middle ages
  • Hygiene items are wanted
  • Being homeless, having to live in a shelter wears a person down, creates a feeling of homelessness
  • Abandoning a person no matter how difficult the situation only makes them feel like they were never wanted, loved or cared about
  • Believe that people like these women are worth saving
  • Donation of time to provide activities at shelter as Bingo and crafts are provided on Fridays by women who care

Appreciation of having interactive activities like Bingo and crafts helps have something positive to look forward to at the end of the week.  We have a creative outlet and something that we feel we have accomplished.  Items we receive as bingo prizes are greatly appreciated.  Like most women we like having jewelry, nail polish, perfume, make up, writing tablets and pens, tweezers, sun hats, word searches books, sun screen, drink carrying cups, scarves, body wash and powder, and shower flip flops as prizes.  Everyone wins and receives an item.

The Shelter” needs donations of twin sheets, blankets, and towels.

One thought to “Changing Lives – Continuation of The Shelter”

  • Ing

    I live in the city of Baltimore. It is nothing more disheartening to see previous soldiers homeless. All the aid that is provided for others, how can this country toss out the people who have fought for it, have laid their lives down, possibly, to safeguard our freedoms, and to bring our freedoms and prosperity to other peoples of the world. Something doesn’t add up. Are we really as altruistic as that? Or are there other reasons why we are fighting these wars that make leaders so guilty that they have to ignore the needs of the most loyal people to our American missions and dreams . Where is our great value for human beings for them?

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