Who We Are


Carry Me Productions (CMP) is a recognized 501(c) 3 public nonprofit organization that strives to provide affordable housing options for those who are living on or below the poverty line. We work to carry people to safe housing and establish independence.


In 2010 people around me were getting hit hard by the recession. I guess I was lucky to have kept my job and that my skills were always needed. But, my friends and some family members weren’t so lucky. I started meeting people who were having a tough time adjusting to this new “lifestyle”, if we can call it that, for most don’t choose to be homeless. Although, a lot of people who have never been homeless seem to think that way.

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  • Carrie Nowocin — CEO and President
  • Kent Holman — Secretary
  • Rich Waterman — Treasurer

Advisory Members

  • Anita Nowocin — Grant Writer, Retired High School Teacher
  • Craig Baumbusch — California Civic Leader, Retired Marine
  • Alexis Solorzano — Arizona Real Estate Specialist, Keller Williams Arizona Realty
  • Stephanie Panisello — Bi-lingual Event Correspondent
  • Jen Araki Wittbrodt — Event Correspondent, Model/Actress with Mavrick Artists Agency