Operation Homes for Heroes

US_Flag_BacklitSo it’s that time of year…where many nonprofits put out promises that they will help people so they give you money, well Carry Me Productions is tired of hearing broken promises. We are on a mission! Our mission is Operation Homes for Heroes.

Though commonly regarded as an “answer to homelessness,” even good-intentioned shelters have their fair share of issues. Many women would rather sleep on the street than face the risk of sexual assault, contracting parasites from an unsanitary bed or being targeted by thieves and assailants. Another issue with shelters is the extreme lack of privacy, crowded environment and lack of proper handicapped accommodations.

Carry Me Productions (CMP) solutions involve a multi-faceted approach to help find housing for female veterans with specific needs, such as, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and mental health. The following is what makes CMP’s programs unique:

  • Some of the housing options will provide a female veteran’s co-operative living environment.
  • Tenants have the option of fostering a rescue animal.
  • If someone has a pet, that’s okay by us.
  • Our housing allows for companion pets while currently Veteran-only housing allows for service dogs, but not companion pets.
  • Many of the female veterans live with Military Sexual Trauma (MST), so housing women with men is not an ideal situation.

CMP’s call to action involves a shared housing program that helps people transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  As single female Veterans move into a shared home, they also have the option of rehabilitating a rescue animal.  This is also unique in that most Veteran-only housing allows for service dogs, but not companion pets.

CMP has six programs to implement, but are starting with one: shared housing for low-income veterans (Operation Homes for Heroes).

Other ways you can donate can be found on our Donate page.

Any questions…please contact us at info@carrymeproductions.org.