Success Stories

Here are just a few success stories that couldn’t have happened without the support of the CMP community.

See the Our Work in the Community page to view the other ways you are helping CMP support those who are seeking assistance.

Sarah, Navy Veteran

Sarah (27) is a Navy veteran. We were happy to answer the call to help her get her get her items that were stuck in storage.

She had over $700 of unpaid lease payment. The community stepped up to close that account and get her items back.

How does this happen, you might think. Well, after being discharged from the Navy, she had to apply for disability.

While she waited for her disability status from the VA, she lived off her life savings and ended up maxing out her credit cards.

She is now living in a shared rental environment and continuing to get back to financial stability and find a job.

[pictures to come]

Trey, Navy Veteran

Trey (30) is a Navy veteran. He and his family (6 total) were having a hard time paying some bills and almost lost his housing.

With CMP’s direction, Trey was able to contact LightHouse Ministries to help him pay for rent and CMP assisted with his utilities.

He is now living in Indiana with his family, working full-time as a machinist, and saving for a house.

Way to go Trey!

In December 2017, we were able to sponsor his children for the holidays so they could open presents Christmas morning.

[pictures to come]