Co-housing (Shared Housing)

Single Resident Shared Housing

The house will consist of several unrelated individuals, sharing common areas such as kitchen and living room.

They will have their own private bedroom with a private or semi-private bath. Basically, the folks are roommates.

This housing program provides permanent housing to those at risk of becoming homeless and improves social and economic status so people can regain their independence and then return to work, if possible.

Carry Me Production owns and maintains these houses that consist of single men or women. The homes are separated by gender.
Through our partnership efforts, we are able to offer life skills training, so that each person has the opportunity to improve their education and employment skills, develop budget management, and computer knowledge.

This housing type strives to provide an environment for impoverished residents that will allow them to develop an strong network for self-help and independent living.

This housing type also implements the concept of co-mentoring within the households.

Each house will have no more than five (5) people, who will live similar to that as a family structure. CMP will hire staff to supervise the facility to assure maintenance, sanitation, and safety. Everyday household chores are the responsibility of each resident. Contractual services, networking relationships, and volunteers are available to assist the residents in budgeting, education, and other special needs.