Findings from a recent veterans study has revealed the following:

  • Many service members leaving the military are not prepared for the transition.
  • Many military veterans have a wide range of needs that cannot be easily provided by a single organization.
  • Veteran support organizations are not organized to provide holistic support to current and returning veterans.
  • Most veteran support organizations are focused on meeting acute and chronic needs of veterans, such as homelessness, immediate or severe health issues, or acute or chronic unemployment. Very little attention is given to preventing these conditions or intervening early to prevent them from becoming chronic.

On average a family of 4 spends $24,000/year on housing.


Our collaborative solution is as follows:

  1. Work with landlords and banks who are having a difficult time renting and selling homes.
    This is a shared housing program for individuals. Families will be targeted at a later time.
  2. Partnership pay for rentals with program funding and those participating will pay a max fee.
    Those participating with the program will have the option for professional training.
    Rentals will be available to able-body persons, targeting homeless/impoverished veterans first.
  3. Assist tenants with job placement and financial planning.

NOTE: Our solution involves Rapid Rehousing and Transitional Housing methods.

Step 1

Estimated cost for 3 to 5 bedrooms with 2 or 3 bath home, will be no more than $2,000.

After the first 3 months, the home is self-sustaining because the tenants pick up the cost and the partners can put the funds aside to continue the rental cycle.

Cost for utilities per house:

Estimated $200/m

Step 2

Cost of rental is dependent on current income.

No more than 1/3 of their income or $500 a month, which ever is lesser, will be spent on renting a room.

Example of 4br/3ba home payment:

  • Tenant 1 has an income of 800/m
    Payment would be 1/3 of the income = 267/m
  • Tenant 2 has an income of 1900/m
    Payment = 500/m
  • Tenant 3 has an income of 1500/m
    Payment = 500/m
  • Tenant 4 has an income of 900/m
    Payment = 300/m

  Total = $1567/m
Initial Cost to Nonprofit for housing portion = $2000/m
Initial lost for housing portion = $433/m

NOTE: For those who will be working, when they are able they will pay $500. The tenant will have an option to build equity (savings program) so they can save more and eventually open a bank account.

Step 3

Enroll individuals in job training and assist with job placement.


Q: What if the tenants don’t pay their rent on time and what if the individuals are causing trouble in their house or neighborhood?

A: We don’t operate like other “landlords”. We will work with each individual because we understand how hard it can be to get off the ground when struggling financially and emotionally.
With empathy, passion, and commitment, we work to help those who want to help themselves.
We won’t tell you to get over it. We’re here to help you to get through it.