100% of community funds go back to veterans in need.

Receiving in-kind and monetary donations allows CMP to provide the following items to male and female veterans in need:

  • 200+ pairs of socks (new)
  • 200+ units of underwear (new)
  • 50+ sweat shirts (new or slightly used)
  • 50+ jackets (new or slightly used)
  • 50+ blankets (new)
  • 50+ bras (new)
  • 100+ pairs of shoes (athletic, dress, and casual) – new or slightly used
  • 50+ shorts and pajama bottoms (new)
  • $100s in gift/gas cards
  • 200+ hygiene items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, laundry soap, tooth brushes, etc)
  • 200+ units of makeup (new)
  • 50+ pairs of sunglasses (new)
  • Paid for 90+ nights in hotel rooms (7 veterans taken off the street temporarily until they were able to connect with the VA)
  • 2 vehicles gifted to 2 homeless veterans. One of the veterans was disabled and with wife and young child. Other veteran was over 50 and disabled. With these vehicles they were able to go to appointments and eventually find housing. Both veterans are now in HUD-VASH housing.
  • Financially assisted one veteran to remove car from impound lot, allowing him to get back to work and eventually get housing on his own.
  • Financially assisted one veteran to replace his vehicle after he was involved in a car accident.
  • 10 trips to the VA Community Resource and Referral Centers (CRRC) and provided advocacy to make sure the veteran saw a case manager and started the service claim and housing process.
  • 10 updated resumes and job leads.
  • Advocated for 10 veterans to get in to housing, 9 have successfully been placed and are no longer living on the streets.
  • Helped 1 family have a refrigerator and toaster oven delivered. They were using a small cooler to keep food cold and had no way to heat up food.

For foster youth, we were able to do the following: CMP was able to have a table at a local resource fair for youth residing under state care. At this event, CMP served 50+ foster youth with school supplies and hygiene kits.

Veteran Events

The following images are only some of Veterans we have helped to provide interview attire, bus passes, resumes, etc. The majority of the veterans we serve are between ages 25 – 78.

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Youth Events

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Community Outreach

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Combating Homelessness

In Los Angeles County alone, there are an estimated 64,000 people who are homeless and 13,000 more entering in to homelessness every month (story from 2015). This social epidemic must stop. We go out to the people on the streets, behind alley ways, at gas stations, and simply ask them if they’re okay. We present empathy and don’t stop there. As advocates, we work with the person seeking the help and the service provider, acting more like a liaison between the two parties. Those on the streets have become our friends, and we will fight for them even when the service providers won’t. We become their voice of reason and assist them and the service provider to find solutions that will best meet the needs of those seeking help. We meet people where they are. Not where they were or how people think they are or should be treated. Helping someone who is homeless is not an easy task, but it can be done when people work together. Help be a part of this collaboration: city, county, nonprofit government agencies, and advocates.