Operation Homes for Heroes

CMP’s affordable housing option for veterans involves a unique approach to housing.

Our first property is located in Clearwater, FL.

To find out more about this property, click the following campaign and sign up for the updates.

While there are some nonprofits making “the news” by doing the same things they have always done, CMP has chosen to take a different approach. One that has yet to be done, and our hope is that other nonprofit organizations will replicate it to help others.

Operation Homes for Heroes provides shared housing for single veterans. CMP is focused on establishing collaborative relationships; working with nonprofit organization, businesses, and individuals to help veterans who are living in poverty.

The following is what makes CMP’s program unique:

  • We acquire homes that have been left sitting empty for a while and have been donated or acquired from well-known lenders.
  • Our housing is affordable for everyone.
  • This is permanent shared housing. We are not government funded; therefore, we don’t have the restrictions of subsidized housing. Cost of rental is dependent on current income.
  • Residents have their own bedroom.
  • Our housing allows for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) or pets while currently Veteran-only housing allows for service dogs.

Our partnerships allow all of us to work together to provide life skills training. Each person will have the opportunity to improve their education and employment skills, develop budget management skills, computer knowledge, and so on.

The purpose of this program is to do the following:

  • Collaborative efforts that create a stronger impact in the community we are serving.
  • Build up property values for communities that have been left to fend for themselves.
  • Assist veterans in finding a safe/affordable home that they can be proud of.

To read about other affordable housing options CMP is developing, check out the Affordable Housing Programs page.