Press Release 11/22/2016

Carry Me Productions Teams Up with Mortgage Company to Launch Affordable Housing Program for Veterans

El Segundo, CA – November 22, 2016 – Carry Me Productions (CMP) a nonprofit organization dedicated to collaborating with other nonprofits to provide stable housing – has teamed up with an anonymous mortgage company to turn abandoned homes into beautiful living spaces for disadvantaged veterans. The program is called Operation Homes for Heroes (OHFH). The first acquired property is located in Clearwater, FL and should be move-in ready within Spring 2017. This program uses the “shared” housing model.
CMP has worked out an agreement with the Homesteps program to provide a discount on selected REO homes to CMP as long as the properties can be sustained, which means if there is a home owners association (HOA) fee or maintenance needed on the home, it is the responsibility of CMP to manage the funding.
The entities have been working on this project for a few months, establishing the details of what will happen once a property is acquired. The Clearwater, FL home will have two unrelated single female veterans become “roommates,” sharing common areas such as the kitchen and living room. Each individual will have their own private bedroom and a shared bath.
“We hope that people will see what we’re doing and want to follow our lead. We’re not acquiring these homes to flip them for a profit. We want to provide veterans and their families, long-term affordable housing,” says Carry Me Productions CEO and co-founder Carrie Nowocin. “The first home will house single female veterans, for they are one of the most at-risk and underserved population at this time,” says Nowocin.
OHFH provides a multifaceted solution for housing low-income and homeless veterans and their families. The approach is quite simple — depressed REO homes are acquired, rehabbed, and then individuals or a family moves into the home. The homes provide stable housing to those who qualify, which are those who are below the poverty line or who are struggling with their finances. Qualification isn’t just based on income, but is based on financial need. More than half of the country has an enormous amount of debt, and this program can help them get their finances back in order.
“We will provide financial planning and assist people to find careers that fit their skills and passion,” says Nowocin. “There are so many organizations talking about ending homelessness, but in order to end it, we must prevent it from happening in the first place. Prevention is key.”
Community and national assistance is needed to help keep this program operational. What CMP needs right now is help to rehab the homes and furnish the house with small kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding and towels, cleaning supplies, and hygiene supplies.
Donations are accepted on the CMP web site ( via PayPal.
Donations will go towards HOA fees, utilities, property insurance, home furnishings, and transportation assistance for the tenants.

About Carry Me Productions

Founded in 2014, Carry Me Productions (CMP) is a recognized 501(c) 3 public nonprofit organization that strives to produce breakthrough results for those who are homeless or living in poverty. They work to carry people to safe and stable housing and assist others to establish independence.