Years Served and Branch: 11 years US Army
Location: Orange, CA


Why he needs help:
In 2010, Lance and his wife lost their jobs. It was a downward spiral from that time on and they have yet been able to recover. They have 3 children, but due to his sons being over 13, they cannot stay in a shelter with them. The boys are safe with family, but Lance’s ultimate goal is to have every one under the same roof again.

Currently he, his wife, and their 6 year old daughter are staying at a hotel, paid for by CMP. Before reaching out to CMP, they were jumping from shelter to shelter. They have exhausted all available city resources, and no organizations will help them because they’ve “already been helped”. They are on a wait list for housing, but the wait is 2+ years.

Lance is currently 0% service connected, which means he can go to the VA for assistance, but he’s not a priority and he doesn’t receive anything from the federal government for his services to our country. Lance and his family have a lot stacked against them but CMP will do everything in our power and means to help this family to achieve housing and financial stability.

CMP provides the following assistance to Lance and his family, FOR FREE:

  • Paperwork for EBT (food stamps and cash aid)
  • Paperwork for the VA, and directing Lance to the people who will MAKE things happen
  • Hotel stay (for up to 3 weeks)
  • Finding work
  • Drivers License renewal

Hotel receipt

CMP is asking that the community help with the following needs:

  • Clothing (estimate $100)
  • Food (estimate $200)
  • Dr. visits (dentist and physicals for wife and kids)  estimate $1000 unless they can get medicare or free services
  • Transportation (CMP can help them find a reliable car for under 3500 and we’d like to pay for first month insurance $40-50/m)
  • CPA to help with past tax returns (140 per return, unless someone can offer pro-bono)
  • First month apartment rental payment (they want to live within 10 miles of Santa Ana, CA so around $2500)

Estimated Maximum Total: $8050

I know this seems like a lot, but this is the cost for CMP to completely get this veteran off the streets for good. No other organization is willing to do this. The county programs spend 1,000,000s of dollars to “help” people who are homeless, but nothing is really being done. This solution is very little compared to what we spend as tax payers. 

NOTE: CMP will be doing follow up visits with them and will post updates on this page. Please make sure to bookmark to follow his story to success.