NOTE: We are no longer taking donations for this incident. We raised $31 and purchased tokens for those at the camp. Thank you for those who supported this effort.

1/2018: The last few days we’ve been able to visit a homeless encampment in Harbor City, CA. Their camp was destroyed after a big storm this week.

These folks have nothing, and they need our help. Our founder, Carrie, has been able to visit with them and learn their stories. Many are over 50 years old, and they need transportation to the General Relief office and to the DMV so they can work to get out of this situation. 

Many have been homeless for over a year, and there simply aren’t any nonprofits that are able to help them. If we say we care about our community and the safety of the people living there, we need to work together to make sure people are not living in these conditions. Veterans, elderly, disabled, and youth live here.

We were able to connect with a local nonprofit to find homes for the puppies that were born at the camp, and we are working with them to assist those at the camp to receive spay/neuter services for their pets.


These people have nowhere to go and the city plans to evacuate them in the next few weeks.

Shelters in Southern California are full and unsafe!