Where do we find houses for veterans?

There are thousands of houses and apartments that have been foreclosed and are sitting unoccupied. The banks and lien holders that have these properties want to get rid of them (they’re costing them money). We partner with various financial institutions to purchase and renovate those properties so that we can offer them to homeless veterans.

Are you a homeless shelter?

NO! We’re here to get people back on their feet. We’re seeking to get veterans and homeless adults off the streets and in a comfortable, safe house. We THEN work with their community to get them employed and working so that they have a reliable stream of income.

Once they have money coming in, we help them learn how to budget and save money so that they can grow and find success.

How do you pay for the properties?

With help from generous supporters like you! We have several investors that help, but we rely heavily on donors to help us renovate and maintain the properties.

What’s your overhead like?

It’s pretty hefty-while we can get the properties very cheaply, renovating them isn’t cheap. We work to provide a comfortable living environment, complete with furniture and groceries so that we can move someone straight into a comfortable home. That costs money; from renovating expenses, to property taxes, to association fees. We need your help to make this happen.

How can I get into one of your properties?

We’re still working on renovating our first property. As soon as it’s move in ready we will post the details of how to move in soon!

How do people pay for your housing?

We can offer reduced cost housing, and once we help our tenants find work, we charge them a modest fee on a sliding scale of income to help cover our costs.