Dormitory Housing

This program aims to purchase and renovate hotels and motels to provide single occupant rooms. The rooms include a window, electrical outlets, and Internet connection. The facility will have shared bathrooms and a cafeteria which will be open at specific times during the day and weekend. Each resident will have access to healthy food and a safe environment to rest and call their own. This program is designed for single individuals who want affordable housing and don’t need a lot of space.

The facilities will allow the residents to move from a partnered shelter or transitional housing to our complex. When the resident moves into our complex and follows the path to success, they will have the option to foster a rescue animal. This allows us, the housing provider, to give the resident a companion and save the life of a rescue animal.

The process of pairing residents with pets (cat or dog) will occur on a case-by-case basis. Only residents who meet our specific criteria will be paired with a foster animal. We will work diligently with local rescue groups to find the right pairing for each resident and animal that qualifies for the human-animal pairing opportunity.

At the end of the animal’s recovery, the resident can decide to adopt the animal or let it be adopted outside the program.

NOTE: The facility will allow Veterans or youth who already have pets, as long as they abide by the rules and responsibilities that come with having their pets on site. The rules and responsibilities will be issued to the residents before moving in so they are aware of what is expected of them as a pet owner.