“When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”

-Joel Osteen

blessings I often think back to when I was in grade school and a classmate was picked on because instead of wearing ribbons in her hair she had pieces of cloth. I felt bad for her, but did not say anything. I am not sure why I didn’t say anything, probably was to shy and wanted the other girls to like me.

My friends, teachers and community members thought we were well off. We weren’t as my mother did not work, having four children in the family, my dad was a school teacher. He was a football coach and drove a school bus when needed. My brothers and sister qualified for the free lunch program, but we did not know that until our Dad shared that information when we were adults. We lived in a large brick house, built next to “trailer houses”. Our mother made my clothes until the time when I learned how to make my own.